If it came down to it and I had to choose one single make-up product to use for the rest of my life, that product would most certainly be mascara. Mascara was one of the first products I was allowed to use and has stayed pretty consistent in my routine through all of my other weird phases. Whether it’s high end or drugstore, I just find that mascara is that one product that really ties an entire look together.

During the holiday season, I was graciously gifted Wander Beauty’s Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara. It was the first time I had ever heard of the company, whose premise is to create products that are easy to use, quick, and multi-purpose. The company actually offers incredible giftsets that often have fullsize products instead of travel or sample sizes! Bonus!

The Look

I loved Wander Beauty’s packaging. The set came with a travel make-up bag as well as a double-ended eyeliner and eyeshadow pencil, which are lovely but not as practical as the mascara. Honestly, the packaging is beautiful overall. Every product is a lovely burgundy shade, and the mascara itself has a beautiful gold cap and gold writing. I love the tube – it’s definitely more pliable than other mascaras I have and could be use perhaps to warm up the product or get the most out of the tube itself.

The Product

If you love a mascara that doesn’t clump, cake and feels as though you have nothing on, this is definitely up your alley. I love a dark, black mascara but can’t stand when they’re too wet in formula or overly clumpy. This mascara is the perfect in-between. It’s thick and coats the lashes easily, but is completely buildable. You can apply two or three coats and your lashes won’t be clumpy or too build up. It didn’t flake at all or smudge underneath the eye either!

Formula aside, the mascara claims to add curl and volume which is a pretty big feat! I found it did an amazing job at adding volume. I have quite thin, straight lashes so I always look for a mascara that adds a bit of bulk and this one made them look super fluffy and wispy. It added a bit of curl as well! Most importantly, the volume and curl last well throughout the day. How annoying it is to wear a new mascara only to have it weigh your lashes down a few hours later?

The brush itself is really neat but not unique. It has a little curve in it that reminds me of a few other drugstore wands. Either way, the bristles are firm but soft and grab every single lash as you swipe. It’s a good sized brush too, not too small and not too fluffy. My favourite part of it is that it disperses just enough product without leaving too much extra on the end of the wand – something I can’t stand because I tend to get mascara all over my eyes.

The Pros and Cons

Pro – The Formula: I look for a mascara that is super black, light, buildable and less wet – this one ticked all of those boxes. If you’re like me, you’ll love this mascara formula too. It is extremely lightweight, looks incredible natural, yet adds a fullness and curl to make your eyes really pop and stand out.

Pro – The Brush: The brush is just easy. It’s easy to use, easy to manoeuver, not too large or fluffy, nice and soft without being too soft, and has a lovely curve that makes it easy to coat every single lash.

Con – Amount of Product: In one tube, there is 0.32oz which is about on par with other high-end mascaras. But, from my experience, other high-end and drugstore mascaras last about 3 months before their product starts to become a little drier. I’ve been using this tube for about a month every single day, and it’s starting to lose it’s mojo a little bit. I would expect a little more longevity from a product, but I love the formula so it’s a toss-up for me!

Is it worth it?

We all know, high-end mascaras are no joke. At $30, this mascara is just as expensive as its counterparts. I think you have to consider everything before investing in a mascara that will last you 2-3 months. Would I buy it again? Absolutely! This has become a staple for me and I will be genuinely sad when it finally runs out (or dries up). It’s the perfect mascara for what I look for – something light but impactful.

I am eager to try more from Wander Beauty. The concept of their brand definitely appeals to me as a person who loves to travel and understands the importance of saving space! I may save this product as a treat a couple times a year.

Have you tried anything by Wander Beauty before?

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