Amanda and I have had this little blog for about a year now. In that time, we’ve changed our aesthetic big time, shuffled around our plot ideas a little bit, and grew as writers and individuals. We both have different styles of writing, but that’s what we love about this blog. The fact that both of our voices can be expressed in one space is definitely freeing.

Despite us blogging for a full year, I still feel young in this broad blogging universe. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t know enough. In the spirit of honest and transparency, I thought I would discuss a few things that I’m currently struggling with mastering.

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Both Amanda and I love Instagram. Despite its current algorithm changes, I find myself scrolling through followed pages (and now suggestions) with excitement. I’ve had my own personal account for ages, but our blog account is something new.

Part of why I find Instagram daunting is the simultaneously endless and limited possibilities you have for creativity. Every blogger has different opinions about how to be successful on Instagram. There’s a million things we can do to change our following. It all seems quite uphill…and as I said, daunting.

Social media is a broad, broad space that is the reality of our professional lives now. Whether you’re a small start-up business or a large-scale corporation, almost every single company on earth who values their customers will have a presence somewhere. It’s hard to be a master at them all!

So, how am I trying to deal with the learning curve? We’re picking one social media platform and really focusing on improving our presence there before we attempt to focus on others. Trying to be the jack of all trades is unrealistic, and I do believe it’ll cause us to lose focus on the actual content we produce.


I grew up writing. Amanda grew up writing. We met a year and a half ago and the idea of a blog came up in our catch-up coffee date. We decided at this point to move forward with starting a semi-professional blog. We loved to write – so why not?

It’s a little overwhelming being a new blogger who is better at writing than photography. The reality is that I’m not a photographer. My photography skills may have improved a little over the last year, but the truth is that I focus way more on improving my own writing because that’s what I value most about this little project.

Sometimes, it feels like the blogging world is catered towards photographers who also write, rather than writers who sometimes take nice pictures. Does that make sense? The photography will always be second to writing for me, and despite how I doubt myself, I think I’m comfortable with that. You have to do what you’re passionate about most. Faking anything is so easily spotted!

Beauty Blogging

I love reading beauty posts. And I love writing them, too! But there is a difference between Amanda and I, lifestyle bloggers who have the odd beauty post, and a fully committed beauty blogger. Beauty blogging is expensive. Of course there’s a million products I would love to discuss and review, but that’s just not my reality right now. My fiancé and I are planning (and paying for) a wedding while also trying to save a penny or two for a house at some point. I am not in the space or frame of mind to drop a few bills on products at Sephora.

No matter how glitzy and glamorous a blog might be, there is a real human person behind that blog. That’s definitely something I’ve learned. We can’t work beyond our means financially or physically because that just ruins our personal life. So, instead of attempting to buy new things for the purpose of our blog, I take it day by day. I have a real full-time job and I need to be careful about spending most of the time. And that’s okay!


There’s a lot about blogging that still makes me feel nervous. There’s always a sense that I’m not doing enough. Maybe I could change this or that. Maybe I could improve everything all at once. But, we’re all just doing the best we can, right? That’s all anybody can ask.

Thank you all for joining us on our little blogging adventure. Whether you read our articles daily or just pop-in for a visit, we are grateful!

Do you have any tips for these new bloggers? Leave them in the comments!

Deanna xo

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