This being part three of a series of Instagram roundups, you can tell I love to get my browse on on Insta. Lately I’ve been a little trigger happy with the follow button and a lot of that has to do with our blog! Deanna and I have been at this for a little over a year now and while there is still so much to learn we’re well aware of how much social media goes hand in hand with blogging. So in an attempt to improve our presence on social media, I’ve been keen to follow a mixture of well established lifestyle bloggers and other accounts that simply have their Instagram aesthetic down pact! We both know we have work to do and we’re ready to improve but today I’m sharing some (more) of my favourite insta profiles with you! Take a peek!

Coryt– Cory Tran is an avid traveller and overall awesome photographer, one look at his feed and you’ll want to hit that follow button. Not to mention he’s pretty easy on the eyes too, but that’s besides the point 😉

Songofstyle– Aimee Song is a popular lifestyle blogger with content focusing mostly on fashion her style is definitely chic and very on trend– not necessarily style that I would mimic BUT she is lots of fun to follow regardless!

On the blog today #liketkit #songofstyle

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Sazan– Sazan Hendrix is a blogger I came across on Instagram for her make up looks and videos and after coming back to her page again and again I followed her and never looked back! She’s now a new mama to an adorable baby girl named Valentina so with a mix of make up, fashion and baby selfies, her account is too fun to follow!

Cailaquinn– Bachelor fans out there may remember Caila from Ben Higgins’ season and she has since made a big move to New York City and turned blogging into her full time job. With a good mix of travel, beauty and fashion it’s easy to see that she’s successfully made a proper transition into the blog world.

The key to meeting someone in New York, probably isn’t what you would think… ✨ On the eve of a very lovey dovey month, a few people have written me asking how I met someone in New York City. The honest truth is… I just gave up. I was packing up my things and secretly planning on moving out West after 2 years of apps, bars, and trying to not lower the bar… 🗽If you are single and moving to New York in order to meet someone, I would say, “don’t.” This is a city of risk takers and hustlers chasing their dreams… and if you’re lucky enough to being doing what you love, surrounded by friends you love, and your happiest self in this busy City… well you might just get lucky like I did, and meet someone ✨ 📸: @villa_de_rosa styling: @chels_nyc

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These bloggers make creating an Instagram aesthetic look so easy, don’t they?! Now we may not be quite there yet with our own Instagram page but with these accounts constantly on my feed and following a lot of you lovely fellow bloggers, we are well on our way there! It’s not easy balancing all the things that come along with starting a blog but with the right props and most of all the right attitude, it will all come into place in no time! Creating content isn’t easy on any medium but if you’re passionate enough about it, it doesn’t seem like work and that’s the best part!

Tell me what are some of your favourite bloggers to follow on Instagram? Did I mention a fave of yours too? Got any suggestions for us to follow? Let me know in the comments below!

Amanda 🙂

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