Happy Super Bowl Sunday, folks! Let me start by saying I don’t watch football, I’m not a die hard fan for any NFL team BUT I will watch football once a year and that is obviously for the Super Bowl. I also admit that the extent of my knowledge of the game is thanks to the Friday Night Lights tv series sooo really I don’t know anything but I do know the basics and that’s enough for me. Even if you’re not a fan of the sport at all, chances are you’re probably tuning into the game anyways since it’s become such a big event from the extravagant half time shows to the infamous commercials and movie trailer debuts from companies that have paid an obscene amount of money to get seconds on the TV screen because this is literally one of the most watched events of the year.

I grew up watching lots of basketball and baseball thanks to my dad and the rest of my family is the same so we don’t really do get togethers for the Super Bowl but with all the crafty snacks for the big game it’s hard to not get caught up in all the fun even if I’m not hosting or attending any viewing party tonight! To get myself hyped for this evening I thought I would take a page out of my own playbook and like my Grammy moments post last week, share some of my favourite Super Bowl moments! And full disclosure, none of the video below has any game footage but I’m talking half time performances and even some snack ideas that you can use at any party you have next since I know this post is coming a little close to game time to make any snacks right now.

Game Time Snacks

Guacamole Footballs

Bacon Wrapped Potato Roses

Game Day Snacks

Half Time Performances

Beyonce Half Time Performance

Bruno Mars Half Time Performance

Lady Gaga Half Time Performance

Did I get you all hyped up for tonight too?! For a big sports event you definitely don’t have to like football to enjoy all that comes with the Super Bowl. This year I can’t wait to see what Justin Timberlake has planned for the half time show this year! Can’t imagine who would be his guest on stage but I’m excited to find out who he’s recruited for his big moment! I’m honestly most looking forward to the big This Is Us episode airing after the game, I’m a huge fan of the show and this episode is going to be a big one!! As for the game itself I have no particular preference over who wins tonight but I’ve seen the Patriots win so many times it’d be nice to see someone else take the trophy so go, Eagles!

What are your big plans for tonight’s big game?! Hosting a party? Are you heading to a viewing party? Or are you boycotting the whole thing all together? Whatever your plans are, I hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday! <3

Amanda 🙂

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