We officially kicked off awards season last night with the 75th Annual Golden Globes and if you’ve been following us for some time now you probably know that we are totally here for it! We both love watching award shows, it’s a total guilty pleasure, and while we love it for the glitz and glam of Hollywood this year we tuned in for a little more than that. The recent uproar in the entertainment industry over decades of sexual harassment and pay inequality for female celebs compared to their male counterparts has brought forth the Time’s Up movement and last night our favourite celebs showed up in black to show women across all industries their support and effectively say enough is enough. Even with the all black attire the red carpet was still dazzling with show stopping looks and we’re going over some of our favourites today, check it out!

Favourite of the Night: Oprah

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Oprah was a marvel last night. She left us with hopeful tears, sitting on the edge of our seats like small children listening to a bedtime story. She was poignant, powerful, honest, educational, emotional, and direct. With all that has been revealed through the past few months following the unveiling of horrific sexual harassment and abuse stories, Oprah’s speech was what we all needed. The Time’s Up movement, in many ways, is an encouragement for transparency and honesty, for unity, support and action, so that victims of these horrific crimes will understand that they are not alone. Oprah sent a powerful message: time is up on the abuse of women in the workplace in all industries. If you haven’t listened to her speech, check it out here. We can’t say enough about how much this affected us as women.

Donating to the Time’s Up fund is a huge part of this cause as well. It’s not about wearing black, as Oprah said. It’s about being a catalyst for change because “a new day is on the horizon.”

Speech aside, Oprah looked stunning in her gown – from head to toe, inside and out, absolutely gorgeous. It was one of our favourites of the night by far!

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Viola Davis: It’s hard to take your eyes off of Viola Davis whenever she is in room, but yesterday was special. We missed her walk the red carpet and were just itching to see her appear in the show. Her gown was perfect, but it was the full effect of her styling that won us over: the hair, the retro make-up, the jewelry. She affected us so much. Her look screamed powerful, and that is why we loved it.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones: Our souls may have left our bodies when we saw Zeta-Jones on screen. Her dress was so Chicago. Sultry and sexy. The deep V, the emeralds, the big hair. She’s always a show-stopper, and as usual, she completely owned the red carpet last night.

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Jessica Chastain: We loved that Chastain’s dress was simple. From the front, it appeared that it was a classic fitted gown, but from the side? That thing sparkled! The simplicity of her look, from the hair to the make-up and gown just made that silver panel at the side stand out. She looked incredible, and even more so, we love how outspoken she was all night about the Time’s Up movement.

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Tracee Ellis Ross: Did you notice how the cameras were on Tracee Ellis Ross all night? She manages to combine daring and classic in everything she wears. The dress was fabulous, but that turban was everything. Not only did it call even more attention to the powerful movement of Time’s Up, but it was unique. In all of our years watching red carpets from our couches, we can’t remember a look that is more memorable than this one.

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Claire Foy: We love a tux on a women, especially on the red carpet. Claire Foy’s look reminded us a little of Evan Rachel Wood’s from last year. It was so edgy and cool, understated yet bold. Plus, the hair and her bold red lip were the perfect match. We loved how she and her co-star Matt Smith wore similar outfits and proudly stood side by side all night!


This was definitely a different Golden Globes, but we’re happy about that. We loved the activism and unity showcased on the stage last night, from Seth Meyers calling out notable abusers to Natalie Portman and Barbra Streisand calling out the exclusively male ‘Best Director’ nominees.

At times, tonight’s awards felt a little showy – the black didn’t really do anything. Equally, some people wearing black haven’t been altogether supportive of the Time’s Up movement so that was disappointing at times. We’re eager to see how the movement will continue through awards season and who will champion the cause as we steer closer to the Oscars.

What was your favourite look of the Globes?

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