It may be 2018 but I’m not going to act like new beauty products don’t get me excited! So I’m here to talk all about the new beauty products I’ve discovered and am loving this winter! Cause guess what, new year same me 🙂

I was lucky enough to get an awesome Laneige gift set for Christmas and if I didn’t get home from my family party at 4 am I would have used it the first night I got it! This “slumber party set” comes with small sizes of their Water Bank Essence and Water Bank Moisture Cream and a full sized jar of their Water Sleeping Mask. I’ve talked about my skin problems with eczema many times before and while I’m over the worst of it I still have stubborn problem areas on my face that I have no idea how to fix. In the past week or so that I’ve been using these Laneige products, I literally haven’t had my skin feel this soft in what feels like ages, even my stubborn eczema spots are showing signs of improvement, I can’t help but be hopeful that I’ve finally found the product I can stick with.


I use the products as directed and the sleep mask once or twice a week and from the moment I tried it my skin felt happy. As odd as that sounds I’ve tried many products since my eczema outbreak last year, ones that are specifically for eczema, ones for extremely dry skin and the second I apply it my skin has always felt irritated until now. Granted I’m only about two weeks into using the products and I don’t expect to see results over night but it’s the first time I feel like my skin is getting the moisture it needs to heal up.

Another product I’m loving is the Tatcha One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil. I got this oil in a Tatcha skin care set that I bought late last year, even made a post about my entire Sephora haul that time too, but I found myself out of make up wipes recently and didn’t know what product to turn to and then I remembered I had this little bottle sitting around gave it a try. Since that wipeless night I can tell you that I’m still using this oil at the end of the day even though I’ve bought more of my remover wipes! It’s become so easy to grab and just two or three pumps of it gets the make up off easily not to mention it smells good, doesn’t irritate my skin at all, it’s definitely a gem of a product I forgot I had.

One last product I’m using a lot is the NARS Tinted Moisturizer I picked up the same time I got that Tatcha set and about 3 months later I still love it! What I enjoy most about this product is how lightweight it feels so I never have to worry about that carry feeling lots of other foundations give you. The coverage is sheer to medium, I usually put one full layer and a second only in certain spots where I need a little extra coverage and it’s perfect for me, literally no complaints about this tinted moisturizer!


What are your favourite beauty products right now? Or even go-to’s for the season? We’ve got some frigid temperatures out there that can be super harsh on your skin if you’re spending any amount of time outside so let me know what you’re turning to these days to help battle the cold!

Amanda 🙂

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