Well friends, 2017 is about to be one for the books and what a year it’s been! As crazy as it was at times to keep up with the demand of a blog I wouldn’t trade the hardships for anything, it’s all part of the process and somewhere in between it all I really got a chance to realize how much writing really means to me.

Deanna and I launched this little blog of ours a year ago tomorrow and I can barely believe it’s flown by right before our fingers! We’ve been creating content for our blog for a whole year now and while we’ve already learned so much about blogging there’s surely just as much we still need to learn about and we’re ready to grow and continue to post about all the things that are meaningful to us in the new year. From Oscar mishaps to our favourite beauty products and binge worthy TV shows we covered a lot even down to our own personal thoughts and passions so this blog has served as a wonderful outlet for whatever it is we’re in the mood to discuss. We really have covered  wide range of topics and since this is a “year in review” I thought I would list out a few of my favourite posts that we put together for you this year juuust in case you missed out 😉


I could really go on and list even more posts of ours that I’ve enjoyed this year but I’ll stop there, plus I’m a little biased but give any of those a read over you’ll surely enjoy them! Every now and then throughout the year I would look over all the posts and scroll from page to page and I always look at it with a big smile because we made this blog happen! It’s tough to stay creative and motivated when it comes to blogging but if you enjoy it does it really feel like work? I’m looking back at all we accomplished here at Lux and Vitae in 2017 and I’m proud of our first year at it and I’m feeling super hopeful for what’s to come. I hope everyone is set to have a wicket New Years Eve and wishing you all the best in the coming year. Bring it 2018! We’re ready for you!

Amanda 🙂

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