The rush of Christmas is over and everything is unwrapped. I’m left with a bedroom of presents because I was spoiled rotten by my family! It’s always after the hustle and bustle of the holidays ends that I start thinking about the upcoming year and how I am going to start off on the right foot. I am a believer in resolutions, so maybe I’ll promise myself to stay consistent with healthy living or take up a new activity or hobby. It depends on how I’m feeling, but for me, a blank slate is an excellent opportunity to reset myself and my mind after a busy year.

With that being said, I completely understand those who are skeptical about traditional “New Year Resolutions”. I see that if you really want to change, any time is a good time to do that. But, we can still find ways to reset in the New Year in a way that won’t crowd gyms on January 2.

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A New Year is a great opportunity for me to declutter. If you celebrate the holidays with presents, chances are you’re finding storage tough too. It seems that the months I’ve passed by avoiding organizing myself really backfire around this time! Roll up your sleeves and get cleaning! Go through your clothes, make-up, children’s toys, storage bins and get rid of everything you don’t use anymore. Make yourself a list of items you must replace that are worn out or things you need to get to fill spaces. Even more important, donate what you get rid of so that it can be used properly by somebody else! The best way to clear your mind and reset is by decluttering your living space.

You don’t just have to clean! How about volunteering your time with a cause you believe in most? The later part of the year is tough on those who are less fortunate. Late-December is brutal on mental health – depression worsens, people may have gone without seeing family, without eating, or being forced to work to put food on the table rather than provide gifts for their kids. Call your local shelters – many love enrolling new volunteers and there are so many that can use the help. Many animal shelters need volunteers too for the hoards of animals who struggle to stay alive as the temperatures drop below zero. It doesn’t take much – even one or twice, or just donating some money if you can spare.

Once you’ve pushed aside the hectic holidays and your hosting and party attending is done, pick up on that hobby or activity you tried to complete in the middle of the year that just faded away. We all pick little things up mid-year that we are committed to, and through business and work schedules, it’s easy for them to be left behind. The end of busy holiday schedules is the best opportunity to recommit yourself. Not because it’s a New Year, but because you finally have the time for it. This year, I started relearning French and was doing so well until I got caught up at work and it was left behind. That will be the first thing I remind myself to start up again!

Sometimes, resetting can be about making promises to others rather than ourselves. Between family commitments and work schedules, it’s a challenge to find time around now for friends. We often let our friends fall by the wayside while we are busy. Now that your family commitments are beginning to taper off, reconnect with any of your friends who you couldn’t see. Set a date for a dinner and a movie, a stay-in baking day, or a sleepover. Something low key, so you both can fill each other in on what the other has missed. They deserve it, and you’ll be surprised at how much it refreshes you.

Starting a New Year isn’t about making resolutions to yourself that you know you can’t keep. It’s about resetting post-holidays, reminding yourself what is important and refreshing yourself after a year of hectic schedules. Make time for yourself! You deserve it!

Hope you all are having a beautiful week spent with loved ones! I’m spending the day cleaning up and going through my wardrobe. Can’t wait!

Deanna xo

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