A few posts ago, I talked about what I’m hoping for in 2018 and one of the big ones on my list was travel. Josh, my fiancé, and I spent a couple years traveling like crazy and it was mostly towards the end of it that I started to love it. Now that we’re settled in Canada (and not planning on moving), traveling is much harder, more expensive, and less frequent. This June, we’ll be getting married and we are determined to have a honeymoon as soon as we can instead of delaying it. There’s just one problem – we can’t decide on where!

Here’s some of the places we’re thinking…

England, Scotland and Ireland


Our very first thought for a honeymoon was spending time in London (and all of England), and doing tours through Scotland and Ireland afterwards. It may sound weird because we lived there and already spent so much time in England, but we both miss the lifestyle and are eager to visit friends we made! During our travels, we spent just a bit of time in Scotland and fell head over heels in love, so we’re eager to spend some time there again. And since Ireland is just a hop, skip and a jump away from both, we figured we’d end there and spend some time checking things out. We love a beach vacation, but our favourite trips are usually city-based because we love checking out ancient ruins, museum, historical landmarks, and delicious restaurants.


When you hear honeymoon, you think beach – so we thought of Croatia as a good balance between city and beach. We loved Spain, so we figured this would be a good option. We don’t have too many ideas as of now, but I would love to spend some time in major cities, tour some key landmarks (maybe some Game of Thrones filming locations?!), and learn about Croatian culture a little bit more.

Bora Bora

We loved our trip to Thulhagiri in the Maldives, but both agreed that going back to a place for the second time when it was so expensive isn’t the best use of our honeymoon time. Instead, we’re considering Bora Bora. Different country, similar lifestyle, different culture and traditions. It will be a good combination of relaxing resort life, and being able to learn a bit about their local traditions.

South of France

One of our “must-haves” for our honeymoon is a beach. It doesn’t have to be at a resort, but there has to be some beach time! We are considering spending some “city time” one week, and then doing a week in the South of France, enjoying the weather, food and beach time.


Lastly, a dream spot for us is (obviously) Santorini. This is a spot we have talked about for years that we would absolutely love to see and will regardless of whether our honeymoon is here. Neither of us are especially keen on spending time in Athens, but I’d love to look at the ruins for just one day. The lifestyle and pace of Santorini fits well with our personalities and we love Greek food!


You can probably tell by the amount of options we have that we are quite undecided with where we want to honeymoon. It’ll be our first trip as a married couple and one of many trips that we have taken together. We’re both excited to jet off again, but are spending a lot of time picking the right location for us – we want something that satisfies every part of our curious selves!

Have you been to any of these spots? Leave us some tips in the comments!

Deanna xo

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