I love doing this post every few months. In every one of these, I start off by saying that I’m an avid blog reader. So I’ll do the same today! I follow many blogs and read ones I sometimes don’t follow, so I always have a good chunk of posts waiting on the sidelines for the day when I can share them.

This past couple months, I read a lot of unique and challenging articles that were beautifully written. Now that Amanda and I have been doing this for almost a year, I’ve gone through a couple season changes and it does seem that bloggers get a bit of a recharge around this time. Change of scenery is helpful for writing, as I’ve said in other writing-themed posts, so I’m sure that everybody is excited to have brand new ideas.

Anyway, I won’t hold this up any longer – here are five posts that I’ve adored reading over the past few months. The blog is as good as the post, so don’t forget to head on over and check them out too!

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Travelettes – “The Ethics of Totalitarian Tourist: A Weekend in North Korea” by Rebecca High

Every month, I have a favourite post from Travelettes. Their travel writers, both owners of the blog itself and guest posts, are stunning artists. Their blogs are always written with experience, thought, and true appreciation of travel. This post by Rebecca High is probably my favourite. For years now, I’ve wondered what it would be like to travel to North Korea. I’ve heard absolute horror stories and not many other experiences. This post is fascinating. Rebecca ran a half marathon in North Korea and toured the country (pre-American ban) in a government approved tour. She is both refreshingly honest about what she saw in the country, and uplifting about her perspective of it. By tying diplomacy and travel together seamlessly, she gently reminded me that sometimes visiting other countries is less for your own personal interest, and more for the state of international diplomacy, understanding, and human empathy. It’s fabulous. Go read it!

 Travelettes – “An Ode to Fall in Europe” by Freya Muller

I swear I don’t plan to be blown away by Travelettes, but here we are and just like last time, my first two favourite blogs are from them again. I grew up in Canada, so the traditional changing of seasons four times a year is not new for me. When I moved away, I moved to a country where the seasonal changes are quite similar (minus snow). I never appreciated how amazing this natural change can be for a person who did not grow up with it! Freya Muller’s description of the beauty of autumn recharged my excitement for fall. I suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder, so my depression and anxiety worsens by a lot in the darker months of the year. I can’t say this cured it, but it did remind me that there are aspects of fall to be excited about regardless of how I might feel in the mornings and evenings. Sometimes, an alternative perspective to something completely mundane and normal helps to rebuild appreciation.

The Food Girl in Town – “Around the World in 12 Plates: Japan”

When I started to follow Gabby, a fellow Canadian blogger, I fell in love with her posts. I am a foodie and my fiancé is a chef, so trying foods from different cultures is something I enjoy. Coming from a couple weeks of immersing myself in Sri Lankan cuisine, I was excited to read this post. Other than sushi, I can’t say I know much about Japanese cuisine and Gabby certainly delivered! She and many other bloggers post in the series “Around the World in 12 Plates” where they research traditional dishes from many cultures and attempt to replicate them as closely as possible. Her photography is beautiful and captures the process of her cooking, during and after.  She provides links for many of the recipes she used as well as sources for ingredients as so many of them as specialized and difficult to find. It really has inspired me to try this challenge for myself! I love, love, love this. I read this post and then went back and read every other post she has in this series. They’re all amazing and educational.

Jennifer Anbui – “5 Completely Worth It Travel Splurges I Never Regret”

I am a supporter of the “you get what you pay for” theory. I don’t mind spending a bit more in order to see better results or experience nicer things. Jennifer’s suggestions for traveling are realistic and are things that I have actually done before. For example, buying a cheap pay-as-you-go phone plan is the top piece of advice that I give friends or family who wish to travel in Europe. It’s rare that I read blogs about travel tips that are practical, but Jennifer is spot on with her post. Her entire blog is lovely, from the layout to her posts and photography, but this one definitely reached me! I don’t know how a little blog about travel splurges made me miss living in London, but it did.

Jasmine Talks Beauty – “Fenty Beauty: Worth the Hype?”

Like most of the beauty world, I was fascinated with Rihanna’s launch of her line, Fenty Beauty. I’m not a make-up addict by any means – in fact, I’ve rarely applied it in the past three weeks. But, I do love to stay up to date with trends. For me, it has to be worth my money. And that’s where blogs like Jasmine’s come in. I appreciate an honest review, whether it is on YouTube, by word of mouth, or through a blog. Jasmine reviewed the few products she bought from this line and gave her honest opinion of it. She was thorough and specific and it honestly helped! Hers was the first blog I read that talked about how the Fenty Beauty Soft Matte Foundation oxidises – a tip that probably saved me almost $45 should I ever decide to purchase it for myself. Jasmine’s beauty posts are some of the best, so if you love a beauty blog, you must check her out!


I swear, I didn’t plan for many of these to be travel related but I can’t help what affects me! Definitely check all of these posts out and be sure to hang around and browse the blog as well. As I said at the beginning, these are blogs I follow and read daily. All of their posts are fabulous!

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What blogs are you loving right now?

Deanna xo

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