I posted my Lush favourites a couple weeks ago and at the end of it, I talked about their new jelly masks which I was eager to buy. I’m not a careless shopper so I definitely did my research to make sure that the line was a good fit for me. I would suggest that you do the same, especially with Lush, because despite being organic and vegan, many of their products are made with allergens or are highly perfumed and unsuitable for extremely sensitive skin (like Amanda’s, for example).

Of their new Jelly Mask Range, there are four to choose from: Bunny Moon, a vanilla-honey scented mask to soothe sensitive and irritated skin; The Birth of Venus, a lavender scented mask to ease redness and tone the skin; FOMO, the mask closest to my favourite Rosy Cheeks, which is calamine based and intended to calm the skin; and finally Just to Clarify, an exfoliating mask that brightens the complexion.

After talking with some of the Lush representatives and reading the descriptions for each, I settled on Just to Clarify. I don’t have any glaring skin concerns except for the odd oily t-zone and dry mouth area, so the others didn’t fit quite as well. I also found the scents for the other three a little more pungent than this one. These masks definitely smell different than their other masks. The scents aren’t as strong or natural as their fresh masks, but a little more toned down and perfumed, if that makes sense. For example, where their garlic fresh mask really smells disgustingly of garlic, these jelly masks don’t smell exactly like the oils and ingredients in them but rather a perfumed version.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this mask! It was gentle, despite the exfoliating bamboo particles. I rubbed in really gently, left it on for about 10 minutes, and washed off. I would recommend using a warm, damp cloth to wash off rather than water as the particles tend to want to hang around. But, afterwards, my skin definitely was glowing and looked much healthier and brighter. My face didn’t feel dry afterwards, but it did feel very clean and very smooth (even into the next day). The jelly was a fun component for sure but not completely necessary. I would say, the only thing that makes the jelly useful for me is that it extends the shelf life of the product. Rather than their fresh masks, which understandably but annoyingly only last three weeks after purchase, these masks have an expiry date of about five months. You definitely get your money’s worth with this product!

I’ve used this mask a few times since purchase and each time I really loved it. After flying home from Sri Lanka, I had been actively traveling for about 24 hours and my skin was not happy. Naturally, it’s hard to cleanse or moisturize while flying. This mask was the first thing I used when I arrived home and it really helped to cleanse. Post-flight, I always feel a little oily and grimy. The exfoliating bamboo particles cleared out my pores nicely and just seemed to rid of all the dirt that built up over my travels.

If you enjoy a good evening pamper (as I do), I would go out and buy one of these. I don’t think it’s a gimmick because of the jelly. The mask breaks down when you rub it in so it’s not exactly jelly anyway. If your skin is relatively unproblematic (like mine), buy Just to Clarify as it will definitely show you immediate and lasting results. In my mask routine, I usually apply the mask after I shower when my skin is clean and warm, and wait a little bit. I always follow up with hydration no matter what the mask is made of. In this case, I applied The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum as well as the Caffeine Solution, followed by Pixi’s Rose Oil Blend. My skin felt healthy, hydrated, and soft.

Have you tried Lush’s Jelly Mask line yet? I’m so curious to hear your opinions on them as well!

Deanna xo

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