Who doesn’t love a good Netflix binge watch every now and then?! There are so many good shows and movies constantly being uploaded it’s hard to keep track of it all but I’ve had some extra days off recently so I’ve spent real quality time with my Netflix account and I thought, why not share my good finds with you guys! I swear I spend more time scrolling and searching than I do sitting and watching but happily came across these shows/films so take a look at what I’ve been watching recently!

One Day at a Time– A comedy about a Cuban family consisting of a newly single mother trying to make ends meet with her two kids and mother living under one roof. It’s funny, heartwarming and wonderfully relevant covering issues from life after serving in the army, embracing your culture/heritage and so much more. I was totally surprised by this show, it’s been on my suggested list for months but I constantly overlooked it and now I can’t remember why! Great show with so much heart, give it a watch you won’t be disappointed!

Beauty and the Beast– As far as live action movies go, this is definitely my favourite! It was such an amazing take on a classic Disney film and there’s nothing more I can say except if you loved the first one you will love this version too!

The Good Place– Where do you go when you die? Well this show gives you some answers and it’s called “the good place”. I love the concept of this show, I think it’s so different and clever and funny! It stars Ted Danson and Kristen Bell which should be reason enough for you to watch the first episode and you probably won’t stop there. Season two just started on NBC last week so binge now and you can definitely catch up to the newer episodes!

Lady Gaga Five Foot Two– Lady Gaga’s offering an up close and super personal look at the making of her album Joanne and the work and anticipation of her performance at this year’s Super Bowl Half Time Show. It’s raw, it’s emotional, it’s vulnerable–on the one hand she won’t let you forget just how talented she is and on the other hand she doesn’t hesitate in showing you the hardships of being in the entertainment industry. Definitely not a happy-go-lucky doc but still certainly worth a watch.

This is Us– Okay this technically isn’t a “recent find” of mine as I’ve been a fan since it premiered last year BUT it was recently put up on Netflix and I definitely went to watch episodes over again to get myself excited for season two. If you haven’t heard of or seen this show at all just give it a shot–this show will make you feel things, you will fall in love with the cast and the storytelling. Grab a box of tissues, you’ve been warned!

Those are all my favourite finds on Netflix recently and while I’m eager to come across more good stuff, Fall TV has officially made it’s come back and I’ll definitely be tuning in to some prime time television! Did anyone see the Will and Grace premiere last night?! I loved it! Ahh I can go on all day about what I love to watch but let me know what you guys have been watching or are looking forward to this TV season! I’ll catch you in the comments section!

Amanda 🙂



2 thoughts on “Current Netflix Faves”

  1. I started “This is Us” on Friday (spent the day on the couch..) and I’m at episode 9 already (which gives you an indication of how much couch-time I’ve had haha) IT’S SO GOOD!!

    I’ve bookmarked the Gaga documentary – gotta watch it with the hubby!!


    1. Yaaay! I’m so glad you’re loving This is Us toooo!! I mean it’s kind of hard not to fall in love with that show, and it definitely makes for a good binge watch.

      Let me know how you like Gaga’s doc when you get the chance to watch it 🙂

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