I hate to do this to you guys, but it’s about that time of year…time for my Fall Wardrobe Wishlist. I’m not really a person with an extensive wardrobe, I’ll admit that. So, when the seasons change, I definitely take a couple weeks to buy some new, key pieces that I’ll wear throughout the whole season. I’m a “get my money’s worth” kinda gal, so I try to go for staple items that will last a long time.

It’s so weird to me that I’m thinking about this at the beginning of September. Usually where I live, September is pretty warm still – you may even get a beach day or two. But, the last few days of August hit, and you could feel that autumn chill in the air! And as I went around shopping for some last minute holiday clothes for my trip to Sri Lanka, I was shocked to see that most stores have already put their summer clothes in the clearance ranks and made room for sweaters, long sleeved shirts, plaid, all in autumn’s most famous colours. I figured, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em…so here we are!

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Knee High Boots: I’ve been pretty die-hard for knee high or over the knee boots for a long time. They’re just so easy! Through university, this is how I made every outfit look decent…with a pair of knee high boots. For the past few years, I haven’t been able to find a pair that was just right…you know how it is! The right height, the right heel, the right foot shape…it can be difficult! This pair from Aldo is pretty close to what I look for in a knee high boot…I usually go for either black or tan because both are so easy to work with. I may just order these now, while I’m at it…

Thick, Oversized Sweaters: Whether they’re knit or traditional cotton, I love a big, cozy sweater and they’re surprisingly hard to find. I love ones that balance between easy to dress up and cozy enough to wear with jeans or even sweatpants. Especially when getting ready for a workday, I try my best to make my outfits dressy casual but also comfortable enough that I won’t be fussed with it through the day. I’m loving this one by ASOS, a thinner, easy to layer sweater that is slouchy and big yet works well with anything.

Colourful, Ripped Jeans: I fell in love with American Eagle jeans as a teenager and still swear by them, no matter how much time goes by. I’m totally a jeans girl, so I love a good statement jean anyway – colourful, ripped, patterned – I love them all. These ones from American Eagle are totally up my alley – dark maroon, ripped and their jegging style which is my favourite for the stretch and comfort. I’m definitely looking around for something similar this season!

Dark, Embroided Floral: I’m just getting into floral prints and I’m starting to like them more and more, especially in the fall. I’m a fan of a maroon palette, but it does get a little bit predictable. The current trend of darker florals is really something I’m interested with. This blouse by Zara is an interesting piece and I can actually see myself wearing it! I love the embroidered details as well! It’s so different from what I usually get – granted, I would probably wear a camisole underneath.

Blanket Scarves: I’ve talked about blanket scarves before, but they’re some of my favourite pieces when the weather gets a bit colder. They’re just so easy to throw on top and use as both an accessory and main piece. I love this one by Aritzia – it’s huge, but that lovely rose colour is something that I’m a fan of lately. It’s so easy to match with everything!

Booties: I live in ankle booties in the fall, especially at work, because they’re so easy and they really change an outfit. I’m not a “heels at work” kind of person because, frankly, I’m too lazy. But a cute bootie is a good compromise. They’re a little more relaxed and easier to move in, but still have that heel that changes an outfit. As with most of my shoes, I typically buy either tan or black so that they can match with everything. These ones by Sam Edelman are exactly what I look for – easy to pair with jeans or dressier clothes and high enough that I’ll still look nice without killing my feet at work.

Hopefully I can find all of these before the season runs out! What clothing staples are you looking for this fall?

Deanna xo

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