It feels like hot fire outside today and I can’t even believe we have officially entered the fall season! I don’t think we’ve ever had such hot weather nearing the end of September but either way, I hope everyone is out there enjoying these last days of warm weather while we still got em! Now it may still feel like summer out there but I’ve slowly been putting some of my summer wardrobe away to make room for all the cardigans and sweaters I love to wear during the fall season, I mean my wardrobe isn’t too big but I can easily dress for fall.

Besides the staple pieces like big sweaters, comfy leggings and cute boots, there’s nothing I love more than accessorizing a look to really make it complete! Whether it’s a dark lip, a trendy scarf, some understated jewellery or maybe even a beanie, your accessories can make your look so much better.  Here are just some of the items I always look forward to having on in the fall time!

Nude Nail Polish– During this time of the year I’m always looking for a great nude colour to sport on my nails. As great as it is to go and get manicures and treat yourself once and a while, one of my favourite things to do is painting my nails myself! It’s become a way for me to wind down after a busy day and my go-to colour lately has been the one pictured above which is Essie’s “Clothing Optional”, a deep dusty pink, from their Wild Nude line, which is easily my favourite line of colours they’ve released in a long time as in I would buy them all if I could!

Rings/Necklaces– There’s nothing like a good ring or necklace that can be the cherry on top for an outfit! Ever since chokers came back, the one pictured above, a layered version, has been my favourite piece to add to any outfit I’m wearing and don’t get me started on rings! To be honest I have too many, if you go shopping with me you’ll lose me at some point in H&M or F21 and you can find me in the accessories section looking for rings. Whether they’re big statement rings or a set of simple, minimalistic ones I want them all.

Dark Lip– Even if you’re not wearing a full face of make up, a dark lip colour may be just what you need to complete your look! For me I can really count on my Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks, the colours of which are all very Fall friendly. If you don’t have any of her products already you can grab these from any Sephora, the liquid lipsticks are long wearing, great pigment, dries matte but it’s not uncomfortably matte like others, overall great formula clearly because I’ve got 3 of these things! From left to right those are shades Bow n’ Arrow, Lolita, and Hawkind. These aren’t crazy expensive but they aren’t cheap either so I have the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream also pictured above–in the shade Rome–which I totally forgot to swatch but it’s a really good, cheaper alternative to the Kat Von D lippies.

Oversized Scarf– Need I say more? Who doesn’t love throwing a big ol’ scarf over their outfit when the weather gets a little cool outside?! If there’s a collection I love having it’s scarves! Simple or patterned, scarves are everything in the fall and I can’t wait until the weather cools down so I can start wearing them!

Cross body purse– Literally my favourite kind of purse out there, cross body and practical, because who doesn’t love free hands?! I have lots of brighter coloured bags but it’s time to bust out all the black! I admit I don’t have many black pieces in my wardrobe or accessories but I know it’s classic and I’m getting there!

Those are the essential accessories I’m all about this season! We keep talking about fall, here’s hoping it shows up soon but I want to hear what your favourite accessories are! Let me know in the comments below!

Amanda 🙂


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