Confession: I hardly ever use heat protestant when I style my hair. I know, I know – it’s just shameful! I’m a low key beauty person in general, but hair styling has never been my strong suit. Through my entire adolescence of straightening all the way to now, I’ve never invested in a product that protected my hair and now that I’m a bit older, I see and feel the results of that mistake for sure.

Recently, I discovered Ouai’s Wave Spray in my attempt to stop using a curling iron so much and fell in love. I’ve talked about it before in a post, but it’s just such a nice formula. It’s not heavy or crunchy, the scent is sophisticated but not overwhelming, and the product itself lasts quite a long time.

I saw that Ouai released a new product called Memory Mist and it seems like a dream come true for me. I was eager to get my hands on it! I decided that I would write up a review of the product. I don’t know about you, but an honest review is something I really look for when it comes to hyped up or brand new products. I hate to waste money!


First things first, the product itself. Ouai claims that Memory Mist is a “high octane heat protectant that primes hair and locks in any style, shape or texture you create until your next shampoo”. Their magic number appears to be three days. Sounds too good to be true right? I’m the first person to look for a short cut when it comes to hair styling, but I’m also one who has purchased many a hair product only to find it fall short of being useful. It also costs $33 CAD for a bottle, so it’s pretty up there (in my opinion).

To explain my hair type – I have thick hair but the actual strands are quite fine. I tend to have pretty dehydrated, frizzy ends with lots of flyaways. My roots tend to become greasy quickly. My biggest issue is that my hair doesn’t seem to do well with too much time between washes – it becomes too greasy or too messy to salvage. Usually, if I wash and curl my hair one day, it will last well enough the second day but will need a wash the third. A product like Memory Mist would be fantastic to help hold a style for particular amount of time.


The scent of this product is different than their Wave Spray. This one is more floral, almost similar to a jasmine-scent. It reminds me of some of Lush’s haircare products. The mist is fine but fast, so you do have to be careful to not stay on one spot for too long. I will say right off the bat, if you have curly hair, this product probably won’t help you at all unless you straighten or add more curls with an iron.

In terms of packaging, I thought the bottle was a bit small for the price. It does compare in size to other bottles of aerosol sprays that I have, but they are drugstore so the size isn’t as important. I paid close attention the suggested application via Ouai’s Instagram and website and attempted their methods, but if I sprayed the product as they suggested, I would probably need a new bottle every two weeks. Even as I sprayed, section by section and relatively sparingly, it felt as though I was using a lot of the bottle.

I washed my hair and used this as a heat protectant before I blow dried. It definitely made my hair softer and less frizzy afterwards. I’m not a regular blow-drier anyway, but my hair usually feels pretty dry and big afterwards and I believe this actually helped prevent that. I then used it as I curled my hair, and I found it was a bit easier to achieve the “messy, beachy” style that so many people love. It just seemed to make my hair a little more textured, which is fine as well.


Heat protectant aside, the big question is whether this product actually holds or maintains a memory of the style you’ve chosen. I took three separate pictures – the first was right after I used the product and styled it, the second was after I woke up the next day, and finally the last picture is my hair after I woke up on the third day.

On the second day after styling, I was happy with what my hair looked like. I definitely felt that the wave in my hair was stronger than a regular hair day. It looked beachy and natural but still bouncy and full. My hair didn’t feel greasy or weighed down by product either. On the third day, it looked exactly the same as the second day…for me, that’s a big deal. In my world, third day hair is absolutely time to wash – it’s usually flat and has lost its style.


Just like the Wave Spray, there’s something about this product that is unique. From the scent to the formula, it just agrees with my hair type. It’s not heavy. It’s not overly scented. The claims it makes are true. I can see perhaps the time length between washes being different for other hair types. For example, this product may be heavy if you have thin hair. But, use it sparsely as I did and not repetitively each day, and I can see it working just fine.

Overall, I would go for it – Memory Mist is definitely a product that worked for me and despite the price tag, I will probably repurchase. I’m eager to try some of their other products!

Do you have any holy grail hair products? Share them in the comments! I’d love to learn more!

Deanna xo

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