Ohhhh London, where do I even begin?! Now I know it’s not exactly close to Poland and there are plenty of bordering countries that would have been easier and even cheaper to travel to after my cousin’s wedding but going to London has always been a dream of mine and being my first time in Europe, I felt like I was cheating myself had I settled and gone anywhere else after our time in Poland. So it was basically decided from the second I booked our flight from Toronto to Warsaw that London would be the next stop as soon as we got the chance. I left the option open to anyone else who may want to join us and within days of letting my family know where we were going my moms sisters decided they were going to come as well. I know travelling with your aunts in Europe isn’t anyone’s ideal group to travel with but I wasn’t phased by the idea at all, the more the merrier and nothing was going to get me upset at this point, I was finally going to London!!!!

It was a rainy afternoon/evening when we arrived so getting to our apartment and grabbing dinner were the only things accomplished the day we arrived but luckily for us it the weather was beautiful during our two full days out and about exploring London.Β Our first order of business was purchasing a hop on hop off bus tour which is very touristy and maybe not everyone’s taste but we only had two full days so it’s a great way to see a lot without having to walk or take the Tube. Day one was spent at Harrod’s which is enormous and super overwhelming but we ended up staying a liiittle too long in there but it was nice to walk around at my own pace and explore the all the different departments and do the tiniest bit of shopping for myself. When we attempted to get to the river cruise that came with our hop on hop off tickets but were told it was closed for the day so we took that loss and decided to walk across Tower Bridge, which was beside the take off area for the cruise, and have at it with all the photos, because why on earth would we not? I took sooo many photos here, the bridge came up in the middle to let a boat pass through so we had some time just standing around waiting and of course I took advantage of the views!

Later on in the evening I was able to have some me time and meet up with my old friend from high school, Jordan! He currently lives in London as a teacher so it was a must to go see him while he’s still over there. I hadn’t been to Trafalgar Square yet so we took the Tube over came across a concert for the Formula 1 Racing Circuit which was neat and after dinner we took a nice walk around Chinatown and the Theatre District–totally wish I had more time to catch a show, there are so many good ones playing over there!– with drinks always in hand, it was a great way to cap off my first full day. By the time we decided to walk back to my apartment we passed by Big Ben and Westminster Abbey at night which were beauuuutiful! Again, I just couldn’t believe I was in a city I’ve dreamt of visiting for so long!

Day two was hectic–there was a lot that we hadn’t seen yet so we got an extra early start and made our way to the Tower of London which was amaaazinnngg!! Deanna and my cousins who have been said it was a must to go so I knew I had to go, luckily my aunts decided to come with and they enjoyed it just as much as I did. With our bus tickets we were able to get tickets at discounted prices which was a huge plus. I got through pretty much the entire castle on my own and by the time we were ready to leave the place was absolutely packed! Had I arrived any later I’m not sure I would have enjoyed myself because I was really able to take my time and look at all the spots and exhibits I wanted to look at without huge crowds soo just a heads up to anyone going there, the earlier is truly the better–mind you it is peak season right now so that’s also something to consider.Β The rest of my final day consisted of a river cruise, pictures by Big Ben and Westminster (during the day), a loooong but great walk to Buckingham Palace, a solo trip to the British Museum AND shopping! If that’s not taking advantage of the time you have, I don’t know what is!! I was super tired at the end of the day but I couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out. The British Museum and Tower of London were the two spots I wasn’t willing to miss out on and I’m sooo glad that I was able to see them both before I left! I mean I can gush about them both all day but y’all don’t need to read all of that, just know they’re both worth the trip annnd I’d go back and see those places in a heartbeat.

So if you couldn’t already tell, I really enjoyed my time in London. It was short but oh so sweet and I left–not really wanting to leave to be honest–knowing without a doubt that I would return again soon and hopefully for longer than two days. The city is massive, there is so much to see and do and I know I haven’t even scratched the surface of what it has to offer. I’ve learned so much about London and England in general over the years, majoring in history AND English will do that to you, so between its extremely rich history and well known authors, it’s not hard to know what this place has been at the very top of my travel list for a lonnnng time now. Luckily for me I had my fellow blog partner Deanna who is an expert in all things London, and she’s expressed that very clearly on our blog here, here and more recentlyΒ here, so I came to her with aaaaalll the questions leading up to our trip. Whether it was for flights, hotels, apartments, neighbourhoods, transportation, food, everything! Deanna was soo helpful and I am so grateful for it! One of the only things I wished was that she was there with me exploring London, but who knows! Maybe we’ll be able to vacation there together one day! All I know is that making this trip happen was a real dream come true, I still can’t believe it happened and every time I think about it I get a huge smile on my face. To be honest, I didn’t think anything could top my time in London but then I went to Paris and well, that’s for another post coming up soon. Stay tuned!

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