I like to post every few months about other blogs in the community. It’s hard to be a blogger, whether you’re seasoned or brand new, because everybody is a small fish in a big pond. I read blogs and follow bloggers every day – it’s part of my daily routine actually. On a day where I’m not working, I love to wake up with a cup of tea and sit down to read some blogs. Whether they’re about travel, daily activities, beauty, or support and advice, I love them all! And I consider it an important part of blogging to share when others write pieces that are incredible.

Over the past month or so, I’ve found four different posts that really sat with me after I finished them. I don’t have a particular set of criteria or anything, but these are ones I found I related to for their honesty, beautiful writing, and unique point of view. They’re absolutely worth sharing in any capacity! Usually, I have a pretty good mix of genres, but this time around, all four actually relate to mindfulness and travel and being confident with your feelings, however uncomfortable they might be. Perfect for your daily pep talk or motivational pick me up! Check them out below!

“Why My Adventure Body Is The New Beach Body” – Travelettes

Travelettes is a blog I follow and read daily. Their travel posts are unlike anything I’ve seen online – full of passion, intent, and awe for what they experience. This post that they shared last week was something totally different and I loved it! I find myself at odds sometimes with the way health and exercise is represented. I try to do my best, but I do what I can when I can and sometimes it doesn’t feel that our society accepts that approach to health. I loved this blog on the Travelettes about the difference between a bikini body and an adventure body. The author argues that most of the health tips on the internet are built to give you a bikini body: toned arms, tight stomach, etc. She, on the other hand, prefers strength to a toned body because her strength gives her an adventure body that allows her to experience things that most people wouldn’t be able to while traveling abroad. I love her blog, its honesty, and I love that she’s making a dent in the theory that you have to fit into a small box to be healthy. It makes me feel better about my own health journey and my mindset towards it.

“10 Places You Absolutely Have to Visit On Croatia’s Northern Coast” – Travelettes

Another one from the Travelettes, in case you didn’t believe I read them constantly! Croatia is a dream destination for my fiancé and I. We tried to get over there when we lived in England, but it wasn’t in the cards at that time. Posts like this, with beautiful photography and even better descriptions, make me itch to buy a plane ticket! I love little guides like this because they’re written by people with a passion for travel. The best way to get a taste of any country is to ask somebody who is passionate about its sights! Check this post out for sure even if you’re not interested in Croatia because the photography might be enough to ignite your interest!

“How To Be Productive When You Just Don’t Feel Like It” – Jordyn Pamela

I’m a supporter of anything honest and realistic, and Jordyn does this perfectly with this post! It’s refreshing to hear that somebody else struggles with motivation issues. I’ve said this before in my mental health posts, but sometimes mental illness can be isolating and quite selfish. It’s lovely to hear from such an accomplished and organized blogger that everybody struggles with motivation. Plus, her suggestions to overcome lack of motivation are reasonable. She even suggests some products and links to support organization! I can’t lie, after looking at some of her suggestions for to do lists, I’m tempted to purchase them myself. They’re all so practical and beautiful. Jordyn’s entire blog is lovely and this is just one of many of her posts that I’ve loved recently.

“Why No One Is Great At Adulting” – From Roses

Being an adult is hard, and nobody explains it better than Rebecca, the owner of From Roses. Her blog is one that I follow regularly because of many reasons: her stunning photography, her enviable honesty, and its lovely homey charm that makes it a joy to read. This post is one of my favourites. She explains so effortlessly what we all wish we could explain – that transitioning from being an adolescent to an adult in your twenties is a challenge. And, most of all, that it’s okay to feel the difficulty and stress of that transition! I related so much to this quote: “For so long, I felt ashamed that I still missed home but I’m so close with my family and would happily spend every day with them so it would probably be strange if I didn’t miss them.” It’s just such a simple, relatable post and one that made me feel comforted that somebody else in the world feel the same way I do!


As I was writing this post, I read all four of these again and I definitely agree with my choices. Check out these posts and while you’re at it, check out the rest of their blogs as well – they post incredible content on a regular basis!

What blogs are you loving and following at the moment?

Deanna xo

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