I was thinking about a post to write for this weekend and I wanted to share so much with you that I thought it was only right to combine them all into one post. I’ve been looking forward to a bunch of different vacation experiences in August that are requiring me to shop a little bit, so both my loving lists and my wish lists have piled up!

I have a weird collection of loves this month, with some cult favourite skincare products and also some local purchases that I thought I would share. July kicked up the heat index in southern Ontario so I’ve been trying to keep my skin healthy by wearing less make-up and treating it often.

What I’m Loving…

Pixi Glow Mud Mask: I bought this recently after a few months of sitting on it. The general reviews are bang on about this product – it draws imperfections out of the skin, leaves the skin smooth and plump, and feels so clean afterwards. I’ve been using this a few times a week and my skin looks and feels better. I can definitely see this becoming a favourite of mine. It’s so easy!

Pixi Rose Oil Blend: I’ve talked about this product before on our blog so I won’t get into it too much, but I’ve found lately I’m reaching for this constantly. With the sweat from the heat and the sunscreen and other products I’m using, my skin has needed some real cleanses in the evening and this is what I use as a moisturizer and after any masks (especially if they are charcoal or clay based). I just feel that it resets my skin for the next day.

Pearlessence Charcoal Neroli Cleanser: This is the weirdest cleanser I have ever tried but I love it. I found this at Marshall’s in the beauty section and it was definitely one of those random purchases that I thought might be useless. It’s a gel formula but contains activated charcoal and neroli oil. It smells of grape soda to me, but I don’t know if that’s totally accurate. I definitely find it cleanses well but I wouldn’t say it’s specifically for sensitive skin because it is heavily scented. It makes my skin feel hydrated and smooth after cleansing, so I’m not complaining!

Laveanne Ultra Exfoliating Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub: This is actually a local product which is exciting to me because I love supporting small, local businesses. Laveanne is a lavender field & lavender business in Cambellcroft, Ontario and they are launching an online shop Canada-wide this fall, which is amazing because I’ve fallen in love with their body scrub! I purchased it a few weeks ago and it is easily the best scrub I’ve ever used. It’s extremely abrasive (not for everybody, I suppose) but I like that in a scrub. It smells divine and is nourishing because of all the oils. I use it to exfoliate before I shave, and keep it on as a shaving oil. It does such a good job and my legs feels so hydrated and smooth after using it.

Ten Thousand Villages Cucumber Scented Soap: Before I get into the product, I’ll explain the store – Ten Thousand Villages is a Canadian/North American company that specializes in completely free trade products. They procure products from over 27 countries in the developing world to support economies and underemployed areas. ALL of their products, therefore, are made by people in other countries who are paid fair wages for their work and they do see the money from their product put back into their communities. With that being said, this beautiful soap was created by artisans at Palam Rural Centre in southeastern India, and it is incredible. It smells clean and fresh and is full of coconut oil and palm oil which was cultivated sustainably. Anyway, I could go on all day about this lovely shop and its products. Check out the website! They do ship to Canada and the US on the American website.


What I’m Wanting…

Ouai Memory Mist: I bought and talked about Ouai’s Wave Spray in a previous post and it is one of my favourite products lately. I use it right out of the shower and even on some days where I haven’t washed my hair to add texture. I saw that they released a Memory Mist and I’ve been dying to try it out for a while. As soon as I’m able to order, I will, because this needs to be part of my hair care routine.

Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector: I have a few favourite sunscreen formulas, but I fell in love with Shiseido’s when I tried it at Sephora recently. It goes on so smooth and feels like nothing on the skin once it settles. I’m going to Sri Lanka in September for a vacation, so my goal is to buy this sometime in August to add to my collection. Plus, it’s SPF 40 which is amazing and necessary!

Herbivore Orchid Youth Preserving Facial Oil: After my infatuation with Pixi’s Rose Oil Blend, I fell in love with the idea of a facial oil. Herbivore is a brand I’ve tried and love, and this Orchid Facial Oil sounds incredible. I’m just waiting for the right time…you know…points to add up, sales to participate in…because the price is no joke! I think it costs about $75.00 for 50ml. This might be on my wish list for a while.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation: I am planning on doing a brand review of The Ordinary once I can order some stuff…I’ve heard nothing but incredible things and you simply cannot ignore that price point! I’ve seen a few bloggers review the serum foundation and it seems to be exactly the kind I love most. I’m not a full coverage girl, so a serum is perfect for my style. Once they’re in stock, I’m planning on ordering a bunch and hopefully doing a brand review on our blog. Hopefully. I know it’s pretty high in demand so I may just have to visit the store in Toronto. I’ll keep you all posted!

What I’m Looking Forward To…

Family Time: I have a bunch of different family gatherings planned for August which I’m excited about. I’m headed to a family cottage for the first weekend in August, a family reunion over the second weekend, and a few other birthdays and events throughout the rest of the month. I’m a family oriented girl (it’s why we moved back home from England), so I love when I can catch up with everybody, both with my own family and my in-laws.

Vacation: I’m going out of town a few times over the next couple months. My family has rented a cottage north of where I live which I can’t wait for! Actually, as you read this I’m probably headed up there. I grew up with a cottage so being able to wake up and spend days at the lake is relaxing and rejuvenating for me! I’m also headed to Sri Lanka in September which is the highlight of my year probably. The last time I visited there, I was proposed to, so it will be lovely to visit again with my fiancé this time and the rest of his family.

Wedding Planning: I haven’t mentioned this too much on our blog because my fiancé and I are relatively private about specific plans, but I am in the middle of planning a wedding for next June. I have a lot of the bigger things booked, but through August I’ll be purchasing my gown and helping my bridesmaids purchase their dresses. I’m really excited for it! I’m not exactly sure what we’re going to buy yet, but our wedding is at a pioneer village so it will be very rustic and aged with some touches of rose gold and neutral colours. We’re planning a lot of personal touches, like family recipes for cookies and cakes as our desserts, bonfires with s’mores for guests, and lawn and table games to make things unique. It’s looking good so far and I’ll try to share more as I go, without giving too much away of course.


What have you been loving, wanting, or looking forward to lately?

Have a lovely weekend folks!

Deanna xo

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