While I’m still in the process of uploading the crazy amount of photos from my trip I thought I’d share the absolute essentials that I carried around in my bag every day. At first I was annoyed with how heavy my bag was and I tried and tried to pack as light as I could and about half way through I realized that it was impossible for me to go a day without any of these items, take a peek!

Cross body bag–Cross body bags are hands down my favourite kind of bags for the simple reason that it keeps my hands free. I bought this bag years ago at American Eagle, even used it throughout university and I’ve pretty much run it down to the bone at this point. No matter how old I knew this would be my go-to for Europe because it’s able to hold so much and closes from a zipper at the top–I’ve heard pick pocket horror stories in Europe before, I wasn’t about to let that be me!

Epi Pen–I’ve shared before that I’m allergic to all nuts and peanuts so this could never leave my side while on any vacation. I’m known for being pretty lax when I’m at home but I don’t joke around when I’m travelling, having it is a must.

Eye drops–My eyes tend to water up and when ignored it just irritates me and becomes an excuse to rub my eyes so I kept these eye drops handy to keep those allergies at bay.

Wallet–For obvious reasons but I always made sure it only had the currency of the country I was currently in.

Adapter/Charger/Power Bank (not pictured)–Luckily this one wasn’t too bulky but definitely needed if it was going to be a long day out and about and me or anyone else I was travelling with needed an adapter which is also why I have an extra charger and my power bank with me at all times.

Sunglasses–Because they are always necessary!

Small Jar of Face Cream–I pretty much went make up free this entire trip. I’m still dealing with eczema on my face and I know how it looks with make up at the end of a long day so I opted out of make up (most days) and kept a tiny jar of cream with me at all times to keep my face moisturized when it was feeling dry.

Camera–My cousin Faye and her husband Vijay were kind enough to lend me their super nice Sony camera for the trip and I used it practically every single day. Out of the twelve days there were probably two where I went without it. Europe is just so picturesque so I took pictures any chance I could!

Lip Balm–Again, essential for obvious reasons.

iPod–I got this baby in high school and it hasn’t died on me yet! It’s basically vintage Apple at this point but it’s my go-to for music when I travel cause I’m not trying to listen on my phone and it be another reason why my battery dies.

Pen–Because you never know when you’ll need it!

Gum–I’ve never been on so many planes in such a short amount of time so you bet gum was essential to carry around for when those ears start to pop!

You can imagine that there may have been a map or even snacks shoved in there as well but that just depended on what city I was in or what kind of day I had ahead of me. These were definitely my everyday items that I could not go without. It wasn’t fun having to dig through it when I needed something but they were essential. What about your bags? What items can you not go without when you’re on vacation? Let me know in the comments below!

Amanda 🙂

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