I’ve made a couple posts in the past few months of my traveling routine. In the last, I talked about my routine to help ease my anxiety (which is usually pretty rough). Currently, we’re planning a few different trips and I’m starting to think about my carry on and what will be on it.

We lived in England for a little while, so I’m used to traveling where my carry on is the only thing I bring and it has all of my clothes in it. Now, being in Canada again, a carry on is an entire new ballgame – different size restrictions and expectations – so I thought I would share what I’m planning on bringing in nice, neat categories!



Tights/Yoga Pants: I like to wear thin pants because my temperature often fluctuates due to my anxiety – with tights or yoga pants, I feel like my temperature is properly regulated.

Loose Fitted T-Shirt: I like a loose fitted t-shirt on a plane because it allows me to layer and not feel bad for being sloppy.

Longer Cardigan: Not that I’m opening the door for the “tights: are they pants?” debate, but I prefer to cover my bum when I’m wearing tights. This also doubles as a blanket.

Flip Flops: I need to take my shoes off when I’m on a plane so flip flops are my choice of travel shoe. Either that, or something like Toms or slip-on sneakers – easy to take off and on.


Pearlessence Coconut Rose Hydrating Mist: I bought this recently and I’m obsessed. It’s so refreshing and genuinely hydrating. It smells fresh and clean. I have issues on plans for their stuffiness and because my skin is oily, I always feel extra dirty after leaving a plane. This would be a nice refresher midflight.

Burt’s Bee’s Sensitive Face Towelettes: I posted about these in our May favourites a few weeks ago. I’ve fallen in love with these and will never be without them. They’re super gentle and clean the skin really well. It’s a good idea to have some kind of wipe with you, and these ones are good all over the body.

Olay Complete Moisturizer SPF 30: This is my daily moisturizer. It protects and hydrates – a great combination. It’s thick but not too thick, and doesn’t smell like sunscreen, despite the SPF. It would definitely accompany me on a plane so I could hydrate after cleansing my face.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste: You never know what will happen to your luggage!

L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara: While I’m not jumping for joy over this mascara like some, it is a lovely mascara for a great price. Sometimes, it’s nice to have fresh make-up after getting off a flight. I wouldn’t bother with a full face, but nice lashes will do!

Nivea Lip Balm: This is one of my favourite lip balms and reminds me of Vaseline, with slightly more hydrating properties.

Deodorant: Like I said, you never know what will happen to your luggage or when you’ll need to refresh. My deodorant of choice is Mitchum…it’s unscented but long lasting.

Change of Clothes: Nothing is worse than losing your luggage with nothing to wear!


Kindle Paperwhite: I’ve blogged about this before as well, but I’m in love with my Kindle. It’s so easy to download books and so light and convenient to travel with wherever you go.

Pencil Case: I always have a pencil case in whatever bag I use because I’m a teacher and I just like to have pens. In a travel pencil case, I would probably throw in crayons or pencil crayons as well. I’m not an artist, but you’ll see below why…

Colouring Book: One of the things people talk about a lot is colouring and how, in certain cases, it can be a form of meditation. I find colouring books calming and often use them in airports to chill out. It’s a nice addition to a carry-on and gives you a range of choices for activities.

Notebook: I also carry thin little notebooks with me everywhere because it’s good to have a piece of paper if the mood strikes for a blog idea or an article idea or if I just want to remember what I’m doing. I love writing so it’s always nice to have the choice.

Headphones/Cellphone/Music: I’m one of those people that flips their phone into Airplane Mode the second I step foot on a plane. I only ever use my cellphone for music. I prefer to zone out for some of the above activities (colouring/reading), and often I struggle falling asleep. Putting music on solves a lot of problems for me.


Sweater or Small Blanket: I’m always freezing on planes once we get up high. I like to have a sweater or small blanket/large scarf with me so that I can cover up if need be.

Removable shoes and a pair of socks: Yes, I take my shoes off on planes, because who wants to sit there for 13 hours with shoes on? I often wear flip flops or slip ons – something that won’t be too difficult to walk in once I get to my destination. I always bring socks as well, so that I don’t have to suffer with cold feet or annoy people with my bare feet during the flight.

Medicine: I usually carry Gravol (anti-nausea medication), pain relief medication, band-aids, and breath mints with me as well.

Snacks: Candies, granola bars – something easily packaged and to tide over hunger if need be.


And that’s about it! My travel carry on may seem like a bit much, but I usually also use little pouches and bags and chuck it all into a much larger purse. If you read my Travel Anxiety post, you’ll know that I don’t jive well with traveling and I struggle staying calm throughout. I definitely pack anything and everything I think I’ll need and I also pack for extenuating circumstances. My motto is totally you never know if you’ll need it.

What do you need with you when you travel?

Deanna xo

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