Tending to my skin is exhausting, at least that’s what it’s been feeling like lately. I can safely say that almost every product I previously spoke about in my first impressions review has not worked out for me and for the past month I’ve actually felt helpless. While I have a few products that I use as moisturizers, nothing has been improving my skin, it’s just been holding steady at dry and easily irritated. I’ve done my share of research for products that can help me and after a couple purchases and consistent use my skin was still the same, not exactly worse but not any better either.

After a recent trip to my family doctor obviously the issue of my skin came up. It was after this appointment that I realized that I very much am still dealing with eczema at 25. I tended to brush off my skin issues as simply dry but eczema is a whole other beast and I’ve got a few areas on my face and neck where the eczema is real. Thankfully my doctor recommended some products to try and help the inflamed areas and so far they’ve all been working great! Everything is over the counter and claim to give relief to dry skin, except the castor oil which is advertised as a laxative funnily enough, but they’re all really helping a girl out! I’ve stopped using all moisturizers almost completely since they weren’t exactly helping me anyways and have switched over to applying castor oil (using a cotton swab) on my eczema spots before bed or anytime during the day when I know I’ll just be at home as it is a very heavy/thick oil, and after three days of use I already saw huge improvements in my skin. My highly irritated spots are my eyes, my neck and some spots around my mouth and the fine lines and darkness I had under my eyes and neck have gone down drastically. I only wish I found out about the magic of castor oil sooner! Best part is that it was $4 from Walmart and I’ve spent soooo much more on product that has literally done nothing for me. I’m also using aloe vera to soothe small eczema spots I have on my arms and there’s also galaxal base moisturizing cream that smells terrible but works—it’s very similar to the hydrocortisone cream I used to have as a kid except that one was a steroid based cream and this one I’m using now is not.

Bottom line through all of this is I’ve learned it’s very easy to downplay certain things that you may be going through. I saw what was going on with my face every day but swore I was taking care of it and it would just get better soon and it never did. It’s been an uphill battle almost all year so far but after a quick check up, I actually got what I needed and fingers crossed these eczema spots will be history in no time. There’s only so much a high end brand can do on the surface until you realize there could be something else going on. I love make-up and beauty items just as much as the next girl and it’s easy to get caught up with beauty gurus or celebs on social media advertising certain brands and showing off their flawless skin but I know my place too so I’ll be patiently waiting for my skin to get the care it needs before I start spending any more money on make up, that’s for sure!

Amanda 🙂

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    1. Awesome, I hope it works for her! Results haven’t been overnight for me but really liking it so far 👌

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