I know it’s not officially summer just yet but it’s so hard not to get excited about all the great things the upcoming season has in store for us, whether it’s outdoor activities, new food/dining experiences, the weather itself and if you’re anything like me, all the awesome movies that are set to come out in the next few months! I think we’re all conditioned to know that summer movie releases are big, epic and usually guaranteed hits all around and this year is no exception. I went to see Wonder Woman this past weekend which set the bar verrrryy high for the season and I’m just feeling super jazzed, yes I said jazzed, about what else is in store! Take a look at some of the films I’m especially looking forward to this summer.

Spider-Man: Homecoming—New kid in town, Tom Holland, has given me some new hope in the Spiderman franchise. More than anything I can’t believe we’ve seen so many takes on Spiderman in such a short period of time from the initial three with Toby McGuire and the two with Andrew Garfield which I really enjoyed the first time around but the follow up wasn’t the greatest. And here we are with another, younger Spiderman who seems to be pretty promising and I’m just also happy that they have a cast that actually looks like they belong in high school, it really is the little things.

Baby Driver—I don’t know a whole lot about this movie other than the fact that it revolves around a driver and criminals performing a heist and that it’s already got amazing reviews for a film that I think a lot of people aren’t aware of. I’m all for an action-packed film that doesn’t involve a superhero and I feel like this one will creep up on everybody, in a good way, just like Kingsman did a couple years ago also suuuper intrigued as to how music plays a part of this movie since it seems really key and unique at that, I’m excited!

The Mummy—I LOVED the initial series of The Mummy that came out yeaaars ago and I can recall putting my DVD copy of the first film to good use when I was younger and while this one seems to be a new take of a similar story I’m very curious and hopeful this one will be just as entertaining as the ones that came before, simple as that.

My Cousin Rachel—This just looks mysterious and thrilling all at the same time and I’m here for it. Rachel Weisz is great and I’ve loved her since The Mummy, which I don’t need to get into again, and then there’s Sam Claflin who is quickly becoming one of my favourite actors out there right now so they alone are enough to get me in the theatre but it’s also got all the right aspects of some good gothic fiction so you bet this one is on my watch list for sure!

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle–Okay, this one isn’t out until fall basically but I’m exciiitedd!! There are so few original movies being made these days and the first Kingsman movie was a real surprise and treat and now they’ve got Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges too?! Yaaaaasss, I can’t waaait!!

Okja–This is probably the movie I know the least about until recently when it premiered in Cannes and have since read a some good things here and there but similarly to what I said about Kingsman and Baby Driver, original films are hard to come by so I’m excited to see something new and especially since it’s done by Netflix. I’ve enjoyed many Netflix Originals in the past and even though they were mostly shows, I totally believe they’re capable of taking over film as well so yes, can’t wait to see this one at the end of the month!

And that’s it for now! There’s lots more hitting the big screens all summer but these are definitely the select few that I’m most excited about and I’d love to know what you’re all excited for as well! Let me know what films you can’t wait for cause y’know I’m always up for adding more to my own list as well 🙂


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