I don’t know about you, but something about reading book reviews really comforts and settles me. I love when bloggers do their own wrap up of their month’s reads or their favourite books. I definitely struggle picking a book on my own – it’s hard to tell if you’re going to like it just from reading the blurb on the back!

Lately, I’ve been trying my hardest to read often because it relaxes me (something we all need!). I try to challenge myself with non-fiction and fiction alike, but I can’t lie, I’ve been in a bit of a chick lit kick lately. I thought it might be worth doing a spring wrap up of the books I’ve read that I would definitely recommend (because sadly, not all of them are worth a review) and here we are! Below, I have five books that I’ve read in the past few months and adored. (FYI, two of these books are on my Kindle which is why they aren’t present in the image!)

Sometimes Amazing Things Happen, by Elizabeth Ford, M.D

This is almost a cross between fiction/non-fiction. I am a big advocate of mental health and a fan of mental health reads – this book details Dr. Ford’s time spent as a psychiatric doctor in New York’s Bellevue Psychiatric Prison Ward. It’s fascinating, beautifully written, and absolutely eye-opening in terms of the serious problem our jail system has with individuals facing moderate to severe mental health issues. Dr. Ford writes with such vulnerability and introspection that it’s hard not to fall in love with her, her staff, and her patients. It’s a smart read if you’re a fan of non-fiction works. And if you aren’t a fan of non-fiction, Dr. Ford writes in such a way that it feels like a story, which is lovely as well.

Thank you, Teacher, edited by Holly and Bruce Holbert

Just in time for the end of the school year, I found this gem in my local Chapters and loved it before I even opened it. As a teacher, the tagline for this got me: “grateful students tell stories of the teachers who changed their lives.” Holly and Bruce Holbert have collected short stories written by prominent authors, celebrities, and other professionals detailing how grateful they are for a favourite I’m passing it on to another teacher friend when I’m finished. Teacher or not, it’s a lovely reminder that even the smallest influence can have a huge impact on another person. That’s a message I need to hear sometimes.

Crazy Little Thing, by Tracy Brogan

I am a self-proclaimed romance novel addict and even I admit that most of the ones I purchase don’t have a lot of depth. There’s something special about a novelist who can write an adorable, sexy romance novel and make the characters realistic while doing it. This novel was the first I’ve read by Tracy Brogan and I have purchased more since then because I just loved what she did. Sadie is a newly divorced mom of two looking for a change of pace and vacation. She visits her adorable Aunt Dody in Bell Harbour for the summer and meets a man who she wasn’t prepared for. The story deals with complicated emotions following divorce, the confusion of changing up a way of life, and learning to rely on family. It’s a great read for the beach, some down-time, or any day where you want to switch off.

Milk & Honey, by Rupi Kaur

You’ve seen Rupi Kaur’s poetry around – the three or four lines coupled with a cute sketch. I’m not generally a fan of poetry (despite the fact that I studied it in school), but something about Kaur’s honesty really gets me. This was on my wish list for a while and was graciously gifted the anthology by my sister-in-law (who also loves it!). This anthology of poems related to life, love and tribulations, is beautiful, honest, and easy to read. I enjoyed flipping through this and it’s a lovely addition to my bookshelf.

Being Brooke, by Emma Hart

Did I mention I read cheesy romance novels? Here’s another that I grabbed off of a recommendation from Nick and Nereyda’s Infinite Book List (a blog that I’ve talked about loving before). This is your classic girl-boy best friends, will they won’t they, relationship story. It’s cute, funny, and quirky. It made for an enjoyable read and there is a sequel as well (if you’re into sequels or a series at all). If you want a book to bring for a casual beach read, this should definitely be your choice.


I’m one of those girls who will search for hours for the right novel and summary. I have a tough time finding books that really engage me – a side effect of taking English in university and reading the boring novels that I read. I always love a good blogger book review. They’re often honest, eclectic, and different than the typical, professional reviewer. I hope that my reviews gave you some insight into what book to choose next – I (obviously) would recommend all five of these.

What are you reading right now? Fiction? Non-fiction? Memoirs? Leave your recommendations in the comments below! I need to add some more to my “to be read” list ASAP!

Deanna xo

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