Can you believe it’s June already? Where has the time gone?

We love this time every few months, where one of us texts the other to start compiling our current favourites. We both are in and out of fads all the time and go through phases with just about everything – books, beauty products, movies, accessories – so it’s always fun to share and compare what we’re loving right now. It’s also fun as seasons change with new beauty releases and the need for different seasonal accessories to switch up our routines.

Read below for our always broad list of current favourites – this time around we’ve covered everything from skincare to make-up to movies and even YouTube channels!


L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask: Exfoliating and Redefining
Both Amanda and I have talked about these masks before on our blog, but I rediscovered it recently and forgot how much I loved it! This mask is the perfect pre-bedtime skin treatment. It calms the skin, feels soothing without itching or burning, dries quickly, and exfoliates without being too harsh. It’s my favourite of the three masks that they have in this line. I usually pair it with a face oil when I’ve washed it off just to lock in the hydration.

Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes
As somebody who isn’t a fan of face wipes, I can’t say enough about these amazing towelettes. Burt’s Bees skincare line has amazing reviews in general so I figured I’d give these a shot and I loved them. They’re soft, saturated enough but not too wet, and the skin treatment aspect is gentle and absolutely for sensitive skin. I used them all over my body and will repurchase because they were so convenient.

Essie – Topless and Barefoot
Perhaps not ground-breaking, but I was in the drugstore looking for a light pink nail polish and grabbed this in a rush. Later, I realized it was one of the more popular colours Essie has but I do not regret the purchase. It’s beautiful and I’ve been reapplying for probably a month straight. I love it.

Boho Beautiful – Pilates and Yogalates Workouts
I’ve recently changed my lifestyle a bit and I’m working out much more. I discovered this YouTube channel and I use her workouts daily. Her Pilates workouts are challenging without being intimidating. For every action, she provides a reasonable alternative for a beginner. Her workouts are amazing for your butt, core, legs and upper arms/shoulders. I’ve been using these coupled with cardio for about 2 months now and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my flexibility, strength, and body shape.

Pixi Glowtion Day Dew
I heard nothing but amazing things about Pixi’s entire line of Glow products, and because I’m into moisturizers, I purchased this Glowtion Day Dew. Initially, I was a bit disappointed because this product delivered less glow and more glitter which I’m not into on the face. However, I started to mix it with my foundation/bb cream in the morning and I’ve found a winning combination. Mixed, it adds a beautiful healthy sheen to the face without being stupidly glittery. It doesn’t look especially highlighted, just nice and healthy!


Ray Bans (style Erika)
This is a purchase I’ve been meaning to make for a long time, so it wasn’t an impulse buy! I had a pair of their aviators for years but unfortunately lost them, literally disappeared without a trace. This lovely pair is brand new and I looove it, the style and colour are just perfect. I’ve used other/cheaper sunglasses and they’ve all fallen apart on me so the price may be steep but I know I’m buying quality in Ray Ban glasses.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
This little tube of awesomeness is easily comparable if not better than some of the high end primers I’ve tried in the past and it was SO. CHEAP. The product has a nice consistency, not greasy or thick, it minimizes the look of pores and provides a smooth canvas for the rest of your make-up. I’ve used it as a base every time I’ve applied make up recently and haven’t been disappointed at all

Maybelline Fit Me Hydrate + Smooth Foundation
I’ve been on the hunt recently for a good drug store foundation and I think I’ve found my new fave. I’ve bounced back between L’Oreal and Revlon before but have been in a rut lately as the one I was using for the past few months really started to emphasize dry spots on my face and I wasn’t having it anymore. This Fit Me foundation applies really well and the best part is that it doesn’t dry my skin out, yay! It provides light/medium coverage, doesn’t feel cakey, and hours after I’ve had it on this one continues to feel comfortable on my skin-with any other foundation it’s not long before  I’m ready to wipe the whole thing off and call it a day.

La La Land on Blu Ray
Yes, I am one of the few left out there who still buys actual movies when they’re released on blu-ray and I’ve made it no secret that I love this movie so you bet I purchased it as soon as it hit the shelves a few weeks ago. I’ve already watched it from the comfort of my own couch twice and have redeemed the digital copy, can’t get enough! *Beauty and the Beast, I’m coming for you next week!*

That pretty much sums up our April and May loves! What have you been into this month?

Deanna and Amanda xo

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