Summer is officially upon us and there’s nothing more exciting than planning out all the fun stuff that you can do in the summer time! The summer months are reminiscent of the vacation time we would all have while we were in school and though we may be grown up and working through the summer, it’s still a time when the possibilities seem endless. Day trips, road trips, concerts, festivals, hikes, sports, anything! It’s the perfect time to do it all and I thought I’d share some things I can’t wait to do myself, take a look!

Catch an Outdoor Movie

These have become quite popular recently and I remember going to a TIFF in the Park event a few years back where me, my friends, and fellow film lovers sat in a park downtown in absolutely perfect summer evening weather and watched Roman Holiday play on a big screen. I don’t even know if TIFF in the Park still exists but it’s still one of the coolest things I’ve ever done and there are lots of other similar outdoor movie events that are being advertised now that the weather is nice so I’d love to go and see another!


There seems to be a festival for just about anything these days and I want in. There’s the annual Ribfest and Food Truck Fest that comes around locally and of course the Taste of Danforth that thousands go out to even though I’ve actually never been, I’m ready to give something new a try, maybe a beer fest? Mac & cheese fest? Wine fest? I don’t know if those even exist buuut I’ll be doing my research and really any kind of festival, it doesn’t even have to be food related, I’m down!

Blue Jays Game

I don’t go to sports games often but going to see the Jays play is something I’ve done since I was a kid and I admit it’s been a few years since I last went to one which is why I’m itching to go to one this summer. And in all the games I’ve been to, I’ve never gone when the dome is open! In other words every time I went to see the Jays play the weather’s been crappy soo here’s hoping I can go one day this summer when the weather decides to hold up—I know, that’s an almost impossible request.

Travel and Explore

This one is a bit of a given since I actually do have set plans to travel in July which is right around the corner BUT! I’d love nothing more than to explore more of Toronto! I mean, I’d love to explore the rest of Canada but I’m thinking that may not fit into my summer, at least not this year. Maybe it’s the fact that Canada is celebrating the big 150 in July, I’m feeling especially proud and reeaaaally have the urge to explore some of the great places around me.


There are soooo many new and awesome restaurants in Toronto that I’ve just been dying to try! I definitely feel like I’m at the point where I’m adding to my resto list more than crossing them off but there’s nothing like summer to get my butt downtown, walk around, enjoy a day in the city, cross a restaurant or two off my list and enjoy some time on a patio cause ‘tis the season!

That’s all I got for now and yes, it’s a small list but it’s a doable one! With my big trip in July creeping up, that’s taking up most of the patience I have for planning anything so doing some of the simpler, smaller things leading up to/when I get back would be perfect for me. And let me know what you’re adding to your bucket list for the summer, I’d love to hear what you have planned! And even if you don’t have anything huge on your list all you really need is good company and as long as you have that, your summer should be epic no matter what you do!

Amanda 🙂

2 thoughts on “Summer ’17 Bucket List”

  1. Our favourite every summer is to eat! We live close to a lot of the best restaurants in our city, so it’s hard to choose which place to try next.

    1. That’s awesome! It can be so hard to decide where to eat when you’ve got so many great options but yesss summer means patio season so it’s definitely the perfect time to lounge around and eat all the food! 🙂

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