As a new blogger, I’m spending some time immersing myself in the world of blogging. I’ve discovered one really fabulous thing – I love reading blogs! I have a list of go-to relaxing activities for my worst days, and I can say that new to that list is catching up on blog posts with a cup of tea and some cookies. It’s seriously my favourite.

With that being said, I know for some, finding links to wonderful blogs is tough. It’s not easy to google “great lifestyle blogs”. You can’t really find a list of “blogs to love” that is reputable or relates to you as a person. We use Bloglovin’ – if you’re not aware, you can find us HERE. Bloglovin’ is an amazing spot that curates blogs, bloggers, and their posts. You select your interests, likes, dislikes. You can follow blogs you especially love, and Bloglovin’ will develop a feed for you (similar to Pinterest!).

After the past few months, I’ve become a faithful reader of a few that I thought I would share. They range in interest, so hopefully you can find something you love too!


Genre: Travel!

Why I Love It: Flying the Nest is owned by Stephen and Jess, a couple who travel all over the world. Their blog is a beautiful combination of stunning photography, practical and intelligent advice, and seriously enviable travel locations. They travel far and wide, to places I haven’t ever considered visiting in some cases, and have such an open-minded outlook. They see the beauty in everything, and it is completely reflected in their writing and photography. The advice they give for traveling to certain locations is so spot on and based on personal experience, which just makes it more meaningful to somebody who is relatively inexperienced with travel.

Favourite Post: I loved their post last week titled “10 Luxurious AirBnbs in Asia”. It gave me serious travel envy and I can’t lie, I did look up flights to some of these places.



Genre: Beauty/Lifestyle

Why I Love It: Paula, the owner of Thirteen Thoughts, is such a talented writer. Her posts are varied but also themed. She has some incredible beauty posts and shares her favourite products often. Her photography is stunning too! But, the real star of her blog, in my opinion, are her posts about anxiety, depression, and self-love. She is a beautiful writer and is honest, vulnerable, and perfect in her posts. Her advice is reasonable and realistic (hard to achieve when discussing anxiety or depression!). I love reading her blog because it calms me and it’s such a relaxing way to start a day. PLUS, she replies to every single comment she receives – a habit I’m emulating moving forward with our blog!

Favourite Post: Everything Paula does is my favourite, but a stand out for me was “4 Ways to End Negative Self-Talk”. It’s such a well-written piece about being kind to yourself, allowing negative feelings, and remembering that every emotion is normal.



Genre: Books

Why I Love It: First of all, I’m obsessed with how Nick and Nereyda manage co-owning. Their individual posts are gold, and their joint posts are well-organized. The graphics on their website are playful and fun, but sophisticated. But aside from these relatively surface-level loves, I really love their content! They read an enviable amount of books that range from YA fiction to little romantic comedies, to popular books and even non-fiction. They review almost every book they read, have an incredibly easy list to browse through and a reader-friendly style of reviewing that doesn’t reveal too much about the book themselves. They’re refreshingly honest too! Every once in a while, they throw in a different post related to beauty, mental health, or overall lifestyle, and I love those too. Definitely an amazing blog to check out!

Favourite Post: As I said, I love everything they post, but my favourite recently was Nereyda’s February Favourites. Because this isn’t a “one-genre” blog, her favourites are so varied and helpful! I actually regularly use her first favourite in this post, which is a YouTube channel called Boho Beautiful.



Genre: Beauty

Why I Love It: I don’t know why, but I love beauty bloggers from the UK. I don’t know if it’s because products in the UK are slightly different than in North America, or because I used to live there so it reminds me of good times.  Leanne, the owner of LPage Beauty, is a great beauty blogger. Her advice is very reasonable and she ranges her product suggestions between drugstore and high end frequently (which is great for those of us who can’t spend thousands on beauty products!). Plus, her reviews are refreshingly honest. If you want an authentic review of any product, she should be your go-to blog to read.

Favourite Post: I am a big fan of her “Makeup Lately” posts. She goes through her current routines almost monthly (and each time, it’s quite different). She also gives prices, brief reviews, and links to other posts for all of the items she uses regularly. It’s perfect!


Well, there you have it – four blogs I’m loving right now. I read all of these regularly and I love that they’re all unique. But the underlying reason why I love all of them is that they’re talented writers!

Are you loving any specific blogs right now? I would love to hear! I truly follow and read lots of different blogs faithfully.

Deanna xo


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2 thoughts on “4 Blogs To Follow for Every Interest”

  1. I love to read lots of other blogs, too! Lots of great writers and posts are interesting to read. It’s also a great way to support other bloggers and to show some love for their work :). xx Simone from Zurich

    1. You’re so right! The best way to support others is to read their work and comment. Thank you for commenting on ours, Simone!

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